Let's hang out in SF!
Entertainment emerges as Sony's primary income source, transitioning the consumer electronics firm to a media juggernaut.

February 2023

New information suggests that the console rivals are closing in on a Call of Duty deal that would satisfy anti-trust regulators.
Expected to be one of the biggest releases this year, controversy surrounds the new boy wizard video game. Can we separate art from the artist?
First batch of quarterly earnings yield mixed results

January 2023

One is soaring, the other flightless
Buckle up for the return of crypto, unionization’s impact on game development, generative AI’s destructive potential, and a struggling esports market.

December 2022

Four pro-competitive arguments in favor of Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard
Single player strategy in a multi-sided game economy

November 2022

Sobering market signals trigger video game industry reality check
The FTX collapse and impact on web3 gaming.
Future historians will understand us wanting to escape the normalized moral chaos that is daily life. But what are we’re escaping into?