SuperJoost PlayList is your free, bi-monthly review of the business of video games. It’s an excellent way to keep an eye on major changes and challenges and how companies deal with them.

It’s written by me, Joost van Dreunen. I’ve spent the last two decades as an industry analyst working with all of the major firms on strategy, and now I’m sharing this directly with you. After selling SuperData Research, a games research firm I co-founded, to Nielsen in 2018, I am now unencumbered to provide you a critical perspective on the industry and its participants. Oh, and I wrote a book on the industry and teach this stuff at NYU.

Most recently I’ve been accused of being a blue flame thinker and "uncommonly level-headed" which I both deny with great vehemence.

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Honesty. Look, I already sold a business, so I don’t have to tailor my words to suit anyone. And truthfully, if you’ve never pissed off a large company under coverage, are you even an analyst?