I like your sports analogy, though I’d say the demographics for American sports have shifted quite a bit. Now, this is completely anecdotal so I could be completely off the mark. But based on my own observations, football seems to be rural America’s preferred sport du jour, as it’s seen as tough, manly, and patriotic.

Meanwhile, urban/educated America has engaged less and less with the NFL* mostly due to concussions/brain injuries, among other scandals; if anything, soccer’s probably more popular in cities, though I have no data to back this up (but I do remember Sacramento had been vocally begging MLS for *years* to give them a team, and a new stadium’s being planned for Miami).

*(College football seems to be holding on better, but that introduces a whole new set of variables to consider)

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May 19, 2022Liked by SuperJoost

Outstanding information about our play, now.

Some of it is older, as our industry had largely ignored UGC--which builds community.

Some newer with so many scenarios that allow cooperation, agency, et al.

Thank you.

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