Thank you Joost! Amazing write up of the situation and the overall industry dynamics..

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Dec 8, 2022Liked by SuperJoost

While the headline is your compelling argument in favor the ATVI/MSFT deal, your succinct games market summary is superb. I will attribute and borrow heavily from it as I write our company's annual letter over the holidays. TY Joost!

[One small typo: "Console" and "PC" are accidentally reversed in your Consumer Spending table.]

Now that the USMNT was eliminated, I am all in for the Oranje! 🧡

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This highlight about the 1980’s intrigues me: “We may perhaps draw a parallel with an earlier, similar event in the history of the video games industry...” It’s before my time, so I’m not intimately familiar; I’d love to learn about other potential analogies for today’s market landscape. But, from what I read here, it’s not very convincing. I think your point would be much more compelling if you had some data or even anecdotes to justify the claims.

Anyway, just some nitpicking. Great article and analysis overall. Thank you, Joost!

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